Building Construction

DEFINITION of ‘Building Construction’.

The process of preparing the land and assembling material to form a building. Often, a contractor supervises the process of a building construction on behalf of the property owner. Different methods and material are often used depending on the owner´s preference, the climate conditions, and the local coding, legislation and downstream intent. In recent years, more buildings are being constructed with sustainability in mind to minimize the adverse environmental impact.


BREAKING DOWN ‘Building Construction’.

Specific norms and standards of building construction vary between countries and need to be followed closely to ensure alignment with local legislation. On the other hand, the stages of building construction follow sequential steps. These stages include soil topography, excavation and timbering, constructing the building foundations, constructing concrete floors, building the reinforced concrete frames and roofing, setting up the brickwork, assembling internal fixtures and fittings, plumbing and wiring, and painting and decorating the building.

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