Project Plan Template

DEFINITION of Project Plan Template‘.

A project plan template is an official document with the purpose of guiding team members through project planning and execution. To execute a project, the project plan needs to be set-up in detail including all assumptions, ideas, decisions, costs, scope, deadlines, etc., facilitating communication among the interested parties. The purpose of this documentation is to give an answer to the central questions posed by the project plan itself. The project plan template contains a uniform layout that allows for the creation of a very detailed and comprehensive description of your project plan using a systematic approach.

BREAKING DOWN ‘Project Plan Template’

Different project plan templates are available on the market according to the project´s needs and the project manager’s preferences. These range from low technology templates, such as hard-copy (paper-based) to advanced project management template software. Regardless of their format, virtually all project management templates aim to gather the following information about a project:

  • Defining project responsibilities,

  • Stakeholder analysis and setting stakeholder expectations,

  • Creating a detailed definition of the project with the project team from the initial stage identifying the following: background, benefits, objectives, deliverables, success criteria, constraints, key assumptions, project managerproject sponsor, and project board/team members,

  • Developing a detailed schedule for the project tasks through the development and analysis of project milestones, and by keeping track of delays,

  • Project risk analysis through the identification of all perceivable potential risks, their nature, their likelihood and their impact on the project,

  • Creating a risk management plan based on risk analysis, and

  • Monitoring the project plan and its variations throughout the project until the completion stage.

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