Project Resource

DEFINITION of ‘Project Resource’

A variable that enables a project to move forward.  Project Resources can refer to any number of things including people (knowledge, skill and hours), finances, time, inventory, technology, equipment and materials.  Although it’s not always clear at the beginning of a project what resources will be needed (or are even available), a sound Resource Breakdown Structure will help a PM define his/her needs. Often, a PM will need to source out additional resources before beginning a project.

BREAKING DOWN ‘Project Resource’

Before you can define the flow of a project, you need to know your resources and how they interact with each other.  Take, for example, a building project; when considering staffing resources, you’ll need to know whether the team in place has the necessary skills to manage the tasks at hand. You’ll also need to ensure you’re meeting the team’s needs regarding food, and shelter, and that they have all the necessary equipment and supplies to be successful.  Determining project resources is an enormous task.

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